Benefits and Features

Benefits for Funding Administrators

Funding administrators gain exceptional workflow and reporting tools with Visifund’s easy to use and customizable platform.

Standardized Data

Administrators can run reports and view data across all districts using standardized accounting information and GL codes. Visifund simplifies the compliance process by logging transactions in State approved budget code format. No need for time consuming accounting translations; let Visifund do the work for you!

Real Time Budgeting

Watch your grantees file budgets and amendments in real time! One of the most powerful benefits of Visifund is real time visibility into budget and funding process.

Fund Request Process

Receive fund requests in a standardized process. Visifund uses a structured submission and request process to facilitate distributions. Gone are the days of receiving ad hoc requests in the form of Excel spreadsheets, one line emails, or cocktail napkins.

Digital Records and Historical Data

Visifund digital logs help you track funding requests/disbursements over the year, compare them with previous years, and forecast upcoming years. The system stores digital logs of batch amendments and fund requests.

Additionally, with Hosted Visifund from Simply Bits, your data is stored in our private cloud and is backed up and fully redundant – there is no need to worry about your data disappearing.


The Visifund platform allows system to be customized for different organizational structures, depending on your organization’s size, complexity, and desired workflow processes. We can design the system to be as simple or complex as necessary to meet your organizational needs and State/Federal reporting requirements.

The Visifund platform can be skinned to match your existing organization image and branding.


Benefits for District Users

Users of the Visifund will save time and duplicate efforts in the budget creation/amendment process. Visifund makes it easy to upload information from user’s current accounting system.

Simplified Budget Creation

Users benefit from the ease of the Visifund system. Users have the option of either manually entering budget information or batch importing data from accounting systems easily into Visifund.

Individual Account Profiles

Visifund provides separate roles and views for budget managers and fund requestors. Once logged in, each user view is rendered based on their role. Roles are determined by allocation administrators when the user profiles are created.

Budget View

Visifund correlates district course codes with State GL codes and allows users to view all budgetary transactions in familiar budget code formats.